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This repository store various samples files for configuring API microservices powered by sxapi-core framework

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sxapi project

sxapi for simple and extensible api (Application Programming Interface) is an an open-source framework for quickly building simple and small API based on microservice architecture.

Very light (application less than 100Ko, full container stack for less than 30Mo) and configured with a single json file, you can build instantly small atomic API endpoints as well as fully featured enterprise-sized API.

see sxapi-core project for more information about this framework

running an example

You will find configuration samples in samples/ directory. Every sample have a README file describing how you can run this sample. Please follow the described steps to see the running sample

  • samples Various configuration examples
  • AWS Configuration examples using AWS services
  • DB Configuration examples using Database backends
  • full Configuration example using all features
  • simple Configuration examples using simple endpoints
  • websocket Configuration example with websocket connection


If you run into difficulties installing or running sxapi, you can create an issue.

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This project is mainly developped by the startx dev team. You can see the complete list of contributors who participated in this project by reading


This project is licensed under the GPL Version 3 - see the LICENSE file for details